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Chasing the Mabuhay Trophy


Aloha Polo fans! Mahalo to everyone who came out last week to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with us. Unfortunately it was cut short due to rain, but we have this sunday to make up for it. The forecast is looking good and the horses are ready for another exciting day of polo, music, and family fun!
This sunday, Wealth Strategy Partners will battle it out with The Equus Hotelfor the coveted Mabuhay Trophy.

So come join us this and every Sunday afternoon on Oahu’s beautiful North Shore for an exciting game of polo.

Games are followed by live entertainment – this week it is musical guest Izik – and the Chukker Bar is open and serving delicious drinks, including specialty “polo” drinks like Pimm’s Cup and others! We have a number of international teams and Polo Clubs that come to play every year.

Unlike last year, the season will run straight through every Sunday until Labor Day without a hiatus in the middle.

As the weather has cleared since or rained out match last week, we look forward to another exciting day in Mokuleia, where the treasured Mabuhay trophy will be displayed and awarded to the winning team.

The trophy is a beautiful hand-carved statue of an early Mongol on hoseback, mallet in hand. Genghis Khan, the brilliant war strategist and national icon, used Polo to entertain and train his calvary in the 12th century. The trophy was gifted to HPC by Philippine Airlines in the late 1960’s, to be used as a perpetual trophy for each season.

Chef Harding will feature a tapas bar, along with a few specialty items in the Clubhouse. John from Hula Shrimp Co. will return as well. We welcome Cold Fyrre Ice Cream for the first time, highlighting all natural, locally-sourced artisan ice cream.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Mabuhay si HPC!!