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Hawaii Polo History

Polo’s history in Hawaii dates back to the last decades of the 19th century and is intimately intertwined with the culture of the “Paniolo,” the Hawaiian cowboy.  Colorful, romantic and dramatic, the paniolo tradition is that classic blending of East, West and Polynesia which defines the best of Hawaii Polo, the most exciting and consuming of horse sports, was a natural outgrowth of the Hawaiian cowboy’s love of horses, excitement and drama.

That polo was introduced in Hawaii not via America, but from Asia, through an Australian cowboy visiting from India, is even more proper and fitting to the multi-cultural, ethnic blending which helps define our island culture in Hawaii.

On the environmental side, the polo fields of Hawaii are like a necklace of emeralds spread across the island chain.  Each different, yet each one a jewel of rich green open space helping to preserve the natural beauty of the area in which is is located.  From the mountain vistas of Makawao to the beachfront of Anini Beach and Mokuleia and to the towering Koolaus in Waimanalo, the polo clubs of Hawaii are blessed with the most scenically stunning polo fields anywhere.  Although the polo season varies from island to island and club to club, with our temperate climate Hawaii polo can be found somewhere in the islands at almost any time of the year.  So it is that we invite you to enjoy the spectacle of polo in Hawaii, to partake of the tradition of the game and enjoy the beautiful settings of the polo fields themselves!

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