Meet the Players

Juli closeup
Julian Alvarez, 3 goals. Professional player for NOH Foods Polo Team
Jesse Neuwerth, 3 goals. Professional player from maui and the Honolulu Polo Club.
Devon Dailey, 3 goals. GM HPC, professional player for Equus Hotel Polo Team
Michael Dailey, 2 goals. President of HPC and the Equus Hotel and Captain of Equus Hotel Polo Team.
Ray sponsor shirt
Raymond Noh, 2 goals. CEO NOH Foods and captain of NOH Foods Polo Team



Gordon Smith, 1.5 goal handicap, has been a playing member at the Hawaii Polo Club for over 20 years. He has traveled to play polo in Texas, Oklahoma, California, Maui and Nairobi.
Chris Dawson, 1 goal. President of Dawson Group
Mark Becker – aka “Go Hunny” – 1 goal, Happy Trails Hawaii horseback rides. A USPA member player since 1980 & certified professional umpire.
Siri Masterson, 1 goal. As an active surfer, she spends as much time in the water as possible and lives for surfing the North Shore. Her other passion, horses, has led her to become a successful riding/polo instructor and horsewoman.
Alyssa Barlow, 1 goal. Professional player for NOH Foods Polo Team
Noelani Picollo, 0 goals. Artist and killer wahine player.
Val Baliad, 0 goals. MD and head of the Hawaii Polo School.
ty ocean 2
Tyneski Quintel, 0 goals. Bikini Supermodel and Polo Instructor.
Levi Rita, 0 goals. Rodeo star, cattle manager at Dillingham Ranch.
Wyatt Rita, 0 goals. Rodeo star.
Jerry Mount, rated B. Owner and manager of Koko Head Stables
Dallas Butler, rated B
Gavin Baliad, NR. Best young player in the club.



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